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Dispensers with compressor cooling

Dispensers with compressor cooling

Compressor Renova dispensers cool water using the built-in compressor in them, which works on the basis of the refrigerant. Compressor Renova dispensers have a stylish design, reliability, high performance. Ideal for installation in Office, and ideal for lovers of really cold water. The Line of compressors consists of both models for desktop installation and for floor placement.
Dispensers with electronic cooling

Dispensers with electronic cooling

Electronic cooling is performed through so-called Peltier effect - the emergence of the temperature difference in the flow of an electric current through a contact (i.e. seals) of two different conductors. Water output is not cold, but cool. Renova electronic dispensers are beautiful, practical and very affordable devices. The best choice for domestic use. Electronic Renova dispensers line consists of models for both the desktop properties and for floor installation.
Dispensers without cooling

Dispensers without cooling

Not every water consumer wants his water to be cooler than the room temperature water, since the room temperature water is more comfortable, and healthier for the body. In our line there are Renova dispensers that can satisfy such request. Along with it the water heating option for instant coffee or tea in the product remains available. These devices are suitable for both Office and home use.
Water distributors

Water distributors

Water distributors serve only handing out drinking water from bottles at room temperature and are popular for more comfortable conditions of use compared to conventional mechanical pumps. Distributors are not appliances, not equipped with water heating by irradiation, so they can be safely installed wherever it is important (for example, in schools or in public reception). This is a convenient and affordable device that is also ideal for home installation.


Under this terrible Word hides a highly desired appliance that just isn’t replaceable in enterprises with large traffic flow. This water dispenser does not receive water from the standard bottles, but directly from the water mains. Along with Renova purifier unit can perform three functions simultaneously: filtration and purification of water, cooling and heating.

Water dispensers are the choice of a modern man

Water dispensers in our time are the same familiar attribute not only at the Office but also at home, as a refrigerator, a teapot or a telephone. Coolers significantly save time on preparation of tea or coffee, help maintain the people’s health. Water dispenser line includes a variety of Renova dispenser types: compressor, electronic or without refrigeration; floor and table; with Cabinet or refrigerator; with the distribution of water from bottles or directly from plumbing - for every taste and ability.

Floor Dispensers with Cabinet

Devices for distributing water, consisting of two branches are very popular. This kind of architecture is easy to operate and is ergonomic. At the top of the unit dispenser itself is located, and at the lower part is equipped with a small cabinet with a door that can be used to store tea, coffee, dishes, sweets or chocolates. Moreover, this design allows you to install the dispenser anywhere in the room. Renova Floor Dispenser line includes many models that vary in color and design, allowing you to easily pick up the dispenser, which is optimally suited to your interior.

Table Dispenser

Table water filling machines are suitable for installation in a small room, where every square foot of space matters – in home kitchen or in a small office. Due to its stylish design, perfect functionality and efficiency, Renova Board dispensers will please even the most demanding buyers. Renova dispensers are produced with both electronic and efficient compressor cooling, with different variants of water supply organizations (both buttons and familiar click of cups for hot or cold tap).