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NOVA group of companies is steadily growing and constantly changing, working in the field of business-to-business (B2B).

The basic directions of business activity to date are:

1. Production. 

Today, the strategic priorities of the group of companies lie in the development of their own productive base. In January 2009 the crucial event of the year was the opening of a factory on manufacturing of semi-automatic washing machines in the Krasnodar region, and in 2011 in the Irkutsk region. Enterprises are equipped with the latest advanced equipment, enabling the production of advanced technology and high quality components. Enterprises are provided with the necessary production capacities and highly qualified personnel. This is a new stage in the development and implementation of plans to push the company into new markets, to provide our customers with an affordable, high-quality and reliable appliances. Progressive development, product development and production process allowed the Nova company to become a leading manufacturer of semi-automatic washing machines.

2. OEM business. The goal of this business is research and effective adaptation to the needs of the Russian population of goods manufactured in the countries of the ASIA-PACIFIC REGION, Turkey. Adaptation involves replacing components in accordance with climatic features of markets required according to European and Russian legislation, as well as design products according to consumer preferences in different markets. After this "Nova" group of companies provides direct delivery of the developed product to the market of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Customs Union and CIS. Currently, we specialize in the following product groups:

-Home appliances: large and small household appliances;

-Climatic Technics: domestic and semi-industrial air-conditioners;

-Equipment for offices and businesses trade: freezing equipment, water dispensers;

-Bicycles and motor vehicles.

3. Promotion of the goods from the manufacturers ' brands from Asia-Pacific countries, Turkey in the markets of the Russian Federation, which includes:

-Marketing researches;

-Branding strategy;

- Organization of marketing activities and the optimum logistics in the supply of goods to markets.

Mission: to create convenient and well thought-out products, ensuring the highest degree of customer satisfaction and changing lives for the better daily.

Being in constant study of the needs of the customer with the necessary knowledge and experience, working in a friendly team, we create the necessary, useful, comfortable, beautiful, focused on consumer products.

Vision: Constantly studying the needs of the consumer with knowledge and working team, we create products aimed at a wide range of consumers and provide services consistent with its needs.

Our priorities: Consumers, partners, knowledge, experience, staff

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