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Washing machines RENOVA

Washing machines RENOVA

Engines increased capacity, new highly efficient activators improving performance of a washing machine, and of course, the updated design – all of this and much more you will find in a new series of Renova New Energy washing machines.
Washing machines Slavda

Washing machines Slavda

Reliability, comfort, unpretentiousness in maintenance while being one of the best producers among the others - all enshrined in the line of Slavda Energy washing machine. Recognizable design and proven, "folk" quality at an affordable price.
Washing machines EVGO

Washing machines EVGO

Classical appearance without superfluous details, maximum ease of operation, extended warranty semi-automatic washing machines EVGO - all this for those who value their time and do not want to depend on the external environment.
Renova spin driers

Renova spin driers

When the clothes are laundered, it's time for pressing it. If you use a classical activator machine user or manually erase user, you must perfectly know that the process of extraction is a very laborious process: the clothes is shifted to a separate tank, and with your hands you use a lot of force for it to get most of the water out. The result itself turns out not so satisfying. But things change if you install Renova centrifuge. Being compact, with speed turnovers, and secure it will become an irreplaceable Assistant for you, easily wringing out just washed clothes to a State of mild humidity.

Made in Russia

Through the last decade Nova Group of companies built two modern factories producing washing machines in Russia. Annually hundreds of thousands of washing machines with the sign "made in Russia" are being produced with use of enterprise pipelines. Washing machines, Renova and EVGO Slavda are developed in Russia, taking into consideration local sensitivities and preferences of our users. We are constantly improving our technology for it to become a truly comfortable and to satisfy even the most demanding mistress.

Motors with increased power

For all washing machine models we install motors that are substantially more powerful analogies on the market. A more powerful motor is the key to better performance: one-cycle washes more clothes, saves time, increases the service life of the washing machine, because the appliance operates in a sparing mode.

A unique form of activators

In our washing machines we installed activators with a unique shape. Our leading developers and engineers have conducted many tests and calculations using the latest virtual Japanese technology, modeling and real different prototypes to eventually create a truly effective Activator. Its shape allows carefully, while effectively wash clothes, ensuring maximum penetration of detergents into the fabric.

The energy efficiency class A +

Washing machines, Slavda, Renova EVGO were designed in way to minimize your costs. Energy efficiency in our washing machines allows you to fit on this important parameter in high standards at the level of the best world manufacturers.

High turnover centrifuge-1350 RPM

You are not always able to qualitatively dry the clothes. It is one thing when you wash it in the summer in a private home, but it’s different when washing in the winter in a small city apartment. Centrifuges, both built-in and freestanding are designed to significantly reduce the time needed for clothes to dry. After the spin-mode cycle your clothes will not be pouring any water and you can easily hang them to dry in any, even the smallest apartment. And as you know, the more speed in a centrifuge, the more dry clothes will be after the cycle.  All our washing machines are equipped with powerful centrifuges with a maximum speed of up to1350 RPM. We appreciate your time.


A characteristic feature of activator washing machines is that the clothes rotates along the vertical axis, which can lead to twisting it in plaits. This feature is designed to handle reverse. The working programs of these washing machines are designed in such a way that the direction of rotation of the clothes is constantly changing. Thus, strong effect of wrinkled clothes disappears, and it provides best mixing of soap solution.

Drain pump

Availability of the pump is designed to greatly simplify the process of draining the water from the washing machine during the operation. This is especially true for large washing machines. You do not need to install the machine above the level of the tank to drain or tilt it whenever there is a need to. You just need to send the drain hose to the sink or in a container for collecting water pump-the rest will make itself by pumping out all the water or soap solution.

Filter to collect Lint and fluff

Throughout the process of washing due to the mechanical influences between fabrics a lot of particles of trash, lint and fluff come off from the surface. In order for clothes to be as clean as possible after washing and the water system not to be blocked, on most of our washing machines we installed special filter that catches particles of lint and fluff.  All you have to do you is just to clean the filter after the washing cycle.

Transparent Windows on the covers

We have equipped all our machines (except WS-35E) with transparent windows on the caps so that you can control the washing process.

Robust casing of high quality polymeric materials.

For the production of our washing machines we buy raw materials from leading Russian and foreign producers of polypropylene. One of our providers is the world leader in this area - LG Chem. Cooperation with such giants of the industry allows us to receive strong, robust housings, that are resistant to fading and safe for humans.

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